A path through a forest, rendered entirely with my hobby renderer, Takua Renderer. More info is available on my project pages and blog.

Hello, I'm Karl!

Born in Hannover, Germany and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am a senior software engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios working on Disney's Hyperion Renderer. As part of the Hyperion team, I've worked on every Disney Animation theatrical release starting from Zootopia. I am very happily married to Harmony M. Li!

My areas of interest cover all things production rendering, including topics such as advanced light transport, renderer architectures, raytracing on interesting hardware, volume rendering, surface appearance, and more.

I am also a Master of Science in Computer Graphics candidate at Cornell University's Program of Computer Graphics. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where I was part of CG@Penn and a student at The Wharton School. Previously, I have also worked at Pixar Animation Studios and Dreamworks Animation.


2021.09.29: New main trailer for Encanto is released!

2021.09.07: New blog post comparing SIMD programming on x86-64 and arm64.

2021.08.06: Our SIGGRAPH 2021 Talk "Unbiased Emission and Scattering Importance Sampling For Heterogeneous Volumes" is now available online!

2021.07.31: New blog post about porting Takua Renderer to arm64, Part 2. This is the second part in a two-part series.

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