A Framework for the Experimental Comparison of Solar and Skydome Illumination
Joseph T. Kider Jr., Daniel T. Knowlton, Jeremy Newlin, Yining Karl Li, and Donald P. Greenberg

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2014)
Volume 33 Issue 6, Nov 2014. Article No. 180

Clear Sky Measurement Datasets

This page provides a mirror of the datasets provided at the official project data page. Please contact Joseph T. Kider Jr. for questions/comments/requests.

Files in the dataset are compressed using the LZMA technique. 7zip, 7za, p7zip can be used to uncompress them.

Download all data as a single ZIP (369 MB)

Sky Measurement Data Viewer

We have released the source code to a simple data viewer that demonstrates how to utilize the dataset files. This viewer should provide insight on how to parse the files, and provide you with a means to view the data yourself. The viewer source code can either be downloaded here as a zip, or from Github.